Doctor's Cave Café

Food is a mood, what are you in the mood for?

Welcome to the Cave!

Thank you for coming to our official website. We are delighted to share our story and love for food with you!

The idea for doctors cave took seed several decades ago when Tim and I were growing up on opposite sides of the Atlantic, me in Jamaica, WI and Tim in South East England. In spite of the cultural and geographic separation our upbringings were surprisingly similar, particularly when it came to food. We were both raised in families that grew, prepared and cooked the food we ate. We shopped in local markets and bought food essentially from the people who produced it. We were both raised in kitchen environments and loved and appreciated fresh locally sourced produce and proteins long before they ever became buzzwords, so it was no surprize that after we met, married and started a family, we should eventually renovate the space in our Brooklyn Brownstone that had been occupied by a luncheonette for decades until the demise of the owner and create our own food haven. We named our venture “Doctor’s Cave” after the famous Montego Bay beach where Tim and I met in 1989 and added “Café” for our love of the casual dining style. We opened our doors to the public in October 1999 serving, you guessed it, locally sourced, seasonal, fresh foods, scratch cooked to our own or adapted recipes. We ran uninterrupted for 10 years until December 2009 when we closed for what we thought would be a short break to undertake some work to our building. The short break ended up being an almost 6 year hiatus that saw us doing other projects but now we are back!!

Doctors Cave reopened on July 20th 2015 and now offers, yes you’ve guessed it again, locally sourced, seasonal, fresh foods, scratched cooked to our own or adapted……it really is “all about the food”

We are serving a compact, seasonal menu and are delighted to once again have the opportunity to share our mood for food. 


Check us out we’d love to feed you!

Doctor's Cave Café Kitchen of Jeans, 856 Marcy Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11216 7183984776